From the album SUMMON THE JUICES

Acoustic + Electric Guitar/Vocals: Shadi Moussa
Guitar: Gabriel Dunne
Bass: Brian Yap
Drums: Thomas "TJ" Borawski

The A G E N T Anthem Choir :
Morgan Kessell
Nicolle Rodriguez
Lidia Lukianova
Gabriel Dunne

Lyrics, Music by Shadi Moussa


No goals
No wills
No ways to go
I've tried, so hard
To let you know...

Worry how you look!
See what you do!?
It all adds pressure on top of you!
Take off the weight and fix it all up!
if it takes too long my friend, well cover it up!

Say what you do?! (I believe you)
Do what you say! (I'll see you another day)

In the end, its all the same!
Until you realize its all a game!
So count your days my friends!
They are the only things left to depend!

Say what you do!? (I believe you!)
Do what you say!? (I'll see you another day!)

Say what you do! (I believe you!)
Do what you say! (I'll see you another day!)

No goals!
No wills!
No ways to go!
I've tried, so hard!
To let you know!