Hella organic punk rock and roll Journey.”


A Hella organic punk rock and roll journey... A G E N T is indie, underground, under the influence of all types of music, especially rock, punk and metal. Fueled by catchy, melodic highs and lows with raw emotion live on stage and in the sound. Motivation and angst are in a constant battle with this punk artist from NorCal rocking the stages at historic places around the SF Bay area, where his classic local heroes like Metallica, Green Day, NOFX and others making their mark.


Previously known as "Double Agent" in the late 90's, Marin teenagers Shadi (guitar/vocals) and Gabriel (drums) started a punk band after meeting up at community college taking art classes. From small tours, recording demos, to hopefully playing at the Vans warped tour local stage in San Francisco--was the goal. Oh well. After some time, they ended the band and went to college. Double Agent faded away. Regretfully.

Fast forward 15+ years later, Shadi rebooted his music journey after learning his father was dying of cancer. In tandem, while taking care of him, he ended a long-term relationship during a dark time. Before his father's passing, he told Shadi to never stop playing and writing. After all this, A G E N T was reborn from the ashes, went back to the future, to rock once again. Expect the unexpected from A G E N T.

SUMMON THE JUICES - debut album - July 1, 2018

to go "
back to the future" was an understatement. Especially to kickstart a diy recording studio and play/practicing process that was called the "Dunne-geon". SHADI Produced THE PROJECT for $666.66 and with GabRIEL's help. they rebuilt the small room in gabe's loft on Hollis Street in EmerYville, CA. together they loaded up on *magical gear for the sole purpose to capture the raw energy of the past punk Rock songs they once knew. now they were to be finally TO BE recorded. Finally. 

the situation motivated them to perform and work hard to put out
A G E N T's first ALBum, SUMMON THE JUICES  on july 1st 2018. The Album's cover ART (a cult classic) is Shadi's white fender strat, Falkor , which resulted in a sliced finger and bloody spray on the instrument while PLAYING a full set at the Hotel Utah Saloon, in san francisco. There is a lyric video with Shadi cleaning the bloody guitar for "Passed Out" =).

It took a full year to make SUMMON THE JUICES  with tremendous work BY Gabriel mixing, engineering, recording, drumming, lead guitar and backup vocals. Including LIVE PLAYERS, Brian Yap (bASS) and "TJ" Borawski (DRUMS) recordED on Joyride, ANOTHER DAY ANTHEM plus live "in studio" demos. Last, A BONUS group of special FRIENDS lended their voices to A "CHOIR-like" SOUND for ANOTHER DAY ANTHEM. LEAD VOCALIST, Morgan Kessell's sweet and powerful duet alongside SHADI WITH BACKUP VOCALISTS, Nicolle Rodriguez AND Lidia Lukianova addING their unique harmonies to the mix. thanks to everyone who was part of the long journey in any way, shape or form. That was Special

Recording + Live Wrecking Crew:

Gabriel : Backup Vox / Lead Guitar/ BASS
Scotty Bara : Drums (2017/2019)
Brian Yap : Bass (2017/18)
 "TJ" Borawski : Drums  (2017/18)

Audio Engineer / Recording / Mixed by Gabriel DUNNE, Emeryville, CA. 

Mastering by John Schimpf at 25th Street Recording, Oakland, CA.

hot pink a G E N T logo/STICKER COLLAB with MArtin Hoang

Hemlock Band Photos by Tommy Breeze 

Magical gear: Jimmy Crucifix (Marshall JCM 900), Falkor (White Fender Strat), sonja (Classical acoustic guitar), ruby (Fernandes electric), knightrider (First Act Hack Guitar), gmork (StarCaster), peavy Duece amP...and bernie -Gabe's Self built burnt-up tele Dragon Slayer. Drums - Tama + Gretsch w/ Zildjian Cymbals, Fender Princeton Amp, Ableton with a shit ton of mics. And bubble gum, Mint.

© All songs, Lyrics written by A G E N T , Shadi B. moussa (BMI)

℗ Publshing:  A G E N T music (BMI)

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